Subject-Verb Agreement Worksheet

After you have read through the Subject-Verb Agreement grammar guide, take this practice quiz to see how you do!  A link to the answers can be found at the end of the post.

Do the subject and verb agree? (Y/N)

  1. Those bakers make cakes with too much icing.
  2. There are a duck pond in the park.
  3. Everyone is mad at Jacob for letting the spiders out.
  4. Most of my mornings starts too early for my taste.
  5. Gabriella and Tim brings paper towels for the class once a month.
  6. Either Andre or the kids have the scissors.
  7. Where do the chair go in the new office?
  8. They buy more coats in the winter than the summer.

Change the sentence from singular to plural.

  1. The call is coming from inside the house.
  2. Why is the cloud so dark?
  3. Half of the pizza is pepperoni.
  4. The ferret is trapped under the chair.
  5. A cannon is being made ready to fire.
  6. Some of the garden is growing.
  7. There is a way of getting around this.
  8. The factory causes pollution.

Fill in the blanks with either is or are.

  1. There ___ a problem with the computers in the lab.
  2. Three of the computers ___ shutting down randomly.
  3. Who ___ the lab techs on call?
  4. Candace and Luis ___ on call this morning.
  5. Neither Luis nor Candace ___ answering texts.
  6. Everyone ___ looking for them.
  7. They ___ nowhere to be found.
  8. There ___ finally a response from Luis’s friend, Ronnie.
  9. Luis, along with Candace, ___ stuck on a stalled subway train.
  10. Either the professor or the students ___ going to have to fix the computers.

Answers to this worksheet can be found here.


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