Parallel Construction Worksheet

After you have read through the Parallel Construction: The Basics and Advanced worksheets, take this practice quiz to see how you do!  A link to the answers can be found at the end of the post.

Evaluate the following sentences’ parallel construction and determine whether it is correct or incorrect. If incorrect, revise the sentence.

  1. I sent her the camera, the lights, and the stands.
  2. Amy goes to the gym, the store, and jogs in the park every other day.
  3. Mario raises cats, dogs, and keeps snakes.
  4. Amber neither feeds the ducks nor watches them.
  5. Every night, April plays the violin, reads a book, and is writing in her journal.
  6. The toddler was both afraid and fascinated by trucks.
  7. The doctor said that Caitlyn sleeps too long, sits too much, and stays inside too often.
  8. I hope to find books, movies, and buy some posters.
  9. The castle was a cold place and dark.
  10. The band plays a set, takes a break, and does another.
  11. You need to come to the office, call my number, and waiting in the lobby.
  12. When it comes to ice cream, I love chocolate, cookies and cream, and eating caramel swirl.
  13. Carl doesn’t like pigeons, cockatoos, or falcons.
  14. I will be there on time and costume.
  15. I am used to and count on a break at noon.

Combine each group of sentences into a single sentence.

  1. Anthony looks right. He also sounds good. He knows it, too.
  2. Joan is looking for actors. Joan is looking for actresses, too. Joan is also looking for stagehands.
  3. James sold his guitar. He gave away his keyboard. He bought some turntables.
  4. Zoe needs sugar. Zoe needs flour. Zoe needs baking soda.
  5. Carl hikes the trails. He camps in the woods. He fishes in the lake.
  6. I am looking at my next project. I am also thinking about my next project.
  7. I can buy the tickets. Either that, or I pay for the cab.
  8. The cake wasn’t rich enough to enjoy. It wasn’t moist enough either.

Answers can be found here.


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