NY State Passes Budget Which Includes Additional TAP, HEOP Funding

Good news from March 31st–the New York State Assembly passed its budget, and included in the bill is additional funding for TAP and Opportunity Programs, including HEOP!

The state’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) has received an additional $45 million in funding, while HEOP saw an additional $3.9 million in allocated funds.

Feel like writing your legislator a note of thanks?  It’s a good idea to advocate year round, and to praise when praise is due.

To email your assembly person:
Search for your assembly person with the first link, using your home address: http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/search/
If you can use the assembly person’s website and email, you will not need to click on the second link. Send your story directly from within the legislator’s site.
If you cannot find the email address, then search for the assembly person’s email address with the second link:
Copy and paste your letter/story along with a note of thanks to your assembly person.
To email your state senator:
Search for your Senator using your home address:
Fill out your personal information and write your letter in the message area.

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