New HEOP Support Programs to Begin on Tuesday!

I am excited to announce the launch of two new HEOP support programs.  Starting next week, students at all stages of their college careers and in all disciplines will have access to two new offerings, located in the HEOP computer lab:

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays a writing tutor will be hosting “Write-ins” from 11-1pm.  At whatever stage of the writing process, students can come to the computer lab to get to work.  As they work, a tutor will be available to answer questions, give feedback, and offer advice, if needed.  Other students can chime in, too.  This is not tutoring per se, but a writing community with an expert on hand.  It is a step on the way to independent learning,  a way to get motivated to write, and also an opportunity for students to get help without needing a formal appointment!
  • On Fridays a research specialist will be on hand from 11-1pm to host “Research Lab.”  Here, students can do the research that classes require, and have an expert available to help navigate through the sometimes daunting task of doing so.
Both programs are drop-in and offer guaranteed availability.

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